Dr. Rusteberg, general practitioner

My Philosophy as a General Practitioner

Being a family doctor I would like to be approached like a neighbor or a good friend.

My emphasis is on old-school, "narrative-based" medical care: talking and carefully understanding are key to any treatment. Therefore, I completed a class on basic psychosomatic care ("Psychosomatische Grundversorgung") with the University Clinic of Freiburg.

Since nature often knows best how to deal with ailments of body or soul, I try not to interfere with natural healing processes by applying unnecessary medical treatment.

My highest goal is to provide the best care possible. In cases that reach beyond my scope as a general practitioner, either technically or in terms of specialized knowledge, I suggest a referral to a medical specialist. I put a strong emphasis on enabling my patients to reach informed decisions and act on their own authority.

The methods I use for medical examination are the traditional ones including ECG, i.e. I rely on my senses and, most importantly, on those of my patients. My inclination not to technify the doctor-patient-relationship but to proceed on a person-to-person basis has been confirmed by 30 years of experience as a physician.

About me

Born (1945) and raised in Osterode/Harz

Attended school at Osterode, Victoria (Texas) and Essen, graduated with a US High School Diploma in 1962 and with the German Abitur in 1964

Military service with the Mountain Infantry in Kempten, Mittenwald, Munich and Bad Reichenhall, Reserve Medical Officer

Medical school, internship and resident doctor in Kiel, Heiligenhafen, Freiburg, Innsbruck, Osterode, Essen, Würzburg, Lübeck-Travemünde, Bad Meinberg and Grünefeld

Received PhD in 1972

Moved to Au in 1969, set up practice as a medical practitioner in Merzhausen in 1979

Voluntary Work

16 years as a member of the Au Communal Council

Honorary assessor with the Board for Assessment of Conscientious Objectors

Lay judge with the Juvenile Division of the Freiburg County Court

Delegate of the Physicians Association of Southern Badenia

Current and Former Memberships

BUND (League for the Environment and Nature Conservation), AFS Student Exchange Program (since 1961), Freiburger Ärztefunk (Freiburg medical phone exchange / 1965, founder) and others